Coaching with The Blind-spot Detective is for you
if you know you have blind spots in life,
and you want to explore how decluttering can help bring them to light.

Using a dedicated portal, we work together to tackle one or more areas of concern in a structured, light-touch and confidential way.
See more below and in The BsD Blog.

About & Contact

The Blind-spot Detective (BsD) is a service stream of Inspector Ross, utilising a proprietary coaching program that combines decluttering with education & direct actioning in order to build character and calm troublesome areas.
This type of coaching will challenge you to tackle the obvious so you can uncover for yourself what’s not so obvious — the blind spots! Then you can tackle those, too. You’ll be kept proactive — with less think and more do!

This BsD site is new but you can read more about me here, meanwhile.

Visit the blog by clicking on the link above or in the 3-line menu icon — just testing your blind spots there 😉 — to learn more about the principle behind blind spots, and how coaching on these must address both stuff and non-stuff.

You can also request more information about how The Blind-spot Detective works, by using the contact form on the main Inspector Ross site. (You won’t be spammed — it’s a no-obligation contact form for enquiries or feedback.)